Navigating the Just Transition

A Collaborative Initiative for Change

Join us on 14 September 2023 from 2 PM to 3 PM ET for the second Roundtable focused on Legal Firms, Consulting Services, Education and Training Services, Supply Chain Support and and telecommunications, software and banking/credit companies!

Introducing the Just Transition, a global framework dedicated to fostering sustainable development and low-carbon economies, all while upholding the Universal Values of the UN Principle - Leave No One Behind. In Canada, this framework is known as the Sustainable Jobs Plan, and it involves a collaborative effort between federal and provincial governments, indigenous communities, industry experts, and stakeholders.

To support the national movement towards a Just Transition, the UN Global Compact Network Canada is actively developing programmatic support and resources for Canadian businesses. These resources aim to guide and facilitate the progress towards an inclusive and equitable low-carbon economy. However, in order to tailor our efforts to the needs of the companies in our network, we need to hear from you. 

This series of roundtable discussions will cover various industries, including: 

  • Extractive Industries
  • Transportation
  • Technologies
  • Finance
  • Consumables and Retail
  • Industrial supports 

Roundtable 1: Extractive Industries

25 July 2023 2 PM ET

We invite Participants from extractive industries to join us for this inaugural session of our roundtable series. This includes sectors such as Chemical Manufacturing, Oil, Gas & Coal, Mining, and Industrial Metal. During this session, we will explore the knowledge gaps, barriers, risks, and implementation challenges faced in the journey towards a Just Transition. We will also examine the progress already made by companies in these industries.

Key takeaways

Roundtable 2: Legal Firms, Consulting Services, Education and Training Services, and Supply Chain Support Industries

14 September 2023 2 PM ET

This session is dedicated to Canadian Participants of the UN Global Compact from Legal Firms, Consulting Services, Education and Training Services Supply Chain Support and telecommunications, software and banking/credit Industries.

During this session, we will delve into crucial knowledge gaps that businesses face in this issue area. We'll explore the barriers, risks, and implementation challenges that companies encounter on their sustainability journey. Moreover, we'll highlight the progress made by companies in this domain and identify any key questions or needs that they may require to kickstart their efforts (regulatory, financial, and industry-specific needs, among others).

This roundtable series offers a valuable opportunity for networking, learning from peers, and contributing to the development of future programmes and resources that will guide Canadian businesses towards a low-carbon economy.

To participate or obtain further information, please reach out to our Sustainability Coordinator, Megan Halferty.

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